Warning: Before you proceed, take note, if you care for your safety and general well being, that is. What we’ve copied onto this rudimentary form of communication is highly classified and not meant for general consumption. Reading the confidential documents could not only put your life in danger, but your entire family’s bloodline – past, present, and future – could also face demise. Some aren’t too concerned for their livelihood or their family’s future; in which case, please continue.

The following documents detail the hidden, unknown world of the Office of Time Control, the most secretive government agency ever created and headed by the most powerful person in the world. No one, other than some of those documented below, has ever knowingly seen, heard, spoke to, or generally interacted with the agents of the OTC or its director, Angelus Mallet.

Do not ask us how we’ve come across these papers. We do not want to relive the horror we faced in order to obtain these sensitive materials. You can’t even imagine, which is understandable, since you’ve most likely never even heard of the OTC, the longest-lasting government bureau in the history of Earth. But the OTC’s reach is incomprehensible, as the papers will show.

While we could only grab a few boxes worth of dossiers, the records we found range from the inner-office politics of the OTC, the mundane day-to-day of unknown people with no real historic value, the small early-life moments of the Earth’s most credentialed, to the fantastic inner-details of the most important events of our society’s past. For example, one record shows the inner-thoughts of leaders as they decided to turn on their brethren and crown the only planet-wide emperor. Another highlights a conversation at a bar with Angelus Mallet and an unknown OTC agent. Some of the records simply provide a history of technology, species, or terms. It recounts it all, as if the agency tracked every single person that ever walked on the face of this planet.

We do not, however, venture to guess how or why these connections were made. That job will be for those historians, ethicists, political scientists, sociologists, theorists, psychotherapists, photoentymologists, governsymmetrists, and conspiracists. We’ve done our part by providing this information, which we will roll out week-by-week.

Among these short notes we’ve published here, there were also many longer records highlighting full missions of the OTC agents. While these records are in dilapidated shape, we’re working to revive them. We have one nearly finished. If you would like the first two sections of this record simply titled The Office of Time Control then please sign up for the Unofficial OTC Record by supplying this site with the prehistoric communication tool known as an email address (if you’re of a time period that would even know what that is) and we will send it to you.

Once again, be careful how you proceed. From my understanding, while they want to seem like they’re nowhere, the OTC is everywhere. They’re likely writing a record of this very incident. Read cautiously, quickly, and nervously. It may be the last thing you ever do.

~ Your Unlucky Compositor of Truth